Hunt in Mongolia

Arrival to Ulaanbaatar

Clients from the US and Europe book their flights into Ulaanbaatar (capital) flying through Seoul,Korea is the fastest route for Americans and flying through Istanbul or Moscow is the fastest route for Europeans. On arrival to Ulaanbaatar our Company PH and local staff with vehicle will meet you at the airport and assist you with customs-clearance and firearms declaration which will be a short 15-20 minutes procedure followed by a 30 minute drive to your hotel.

You will spend the next day at one of the 5 star hotels in Ulaanbaatar and leave for the hunting area the following day after a good breakfast.

Depending on where you are hunting; you will either travel to the hunting area by a 4×4 comfortable Truck or Jeep or take a domestic/private charter flight and then drive from there, by ground transportation to your hunting camp. (Toyota Land Cruiser type vehicle.)

Travel & accommodations during the hunt

Our base camps are located different parts of the country. Our English-speaking company representative, PH’s will accompany you during your entire trip. Your local hunting guide and a team of camp staff will greet you once you arrive at your hunt camp. For Hangay/Gobi Argali areas depending on road conditions it can take 6-8 hours of travel by car or a private charter flight will take about 2 hours. The camp staff is hard working and friendly people. They’ll help you with anything you may need during your stay.

The hunting camps vary depending on the area you are hunting. Most are well-equipped base camp that is called Yurt.

A hunting camp usually consists of 3 Yurts, A Yurt privately for the hunter and his companions and the rest for camp staff and guides.

For our clients that require a special diet and require special food prepared we can organize this, we recommend that you tell us in advance and we will organize a special menu for you upon request.

Regarding snacks we recommend you to bring as much as possible, the camp will have limited varieties of snacks.  As many as Bottled water is always available.

Sprite, Fanta, Coke, fruit juice, beer & locally imported beverages or any other stuff are also provided upon prior request (by our clients) according to availability.

Hunt & species

For High-Altay Argali hunts, the hunting is done by horseback and stalking OR in some areas by vehicle (instead of horse) and final stalk on foot in the Altay region after driving to a certain point in the concession. We hunt our rams by spot and stalk method and always fair-chase and ethically.

Gobi and Hangay argali hunts are conducted with the use of trucks and stalk on foot.

Spot and stalk hunting is the preferred method of hunting as it allows us to judge the animals with spotting scopes before making the final stalk.

Ibex numbers are very healthy in Mongolia and a very enjoyable hunt that can be easily combined with your Argali hunt.

Gobi Ibex (Capra Sibirica Hagenbecki)

  • Gobi Ibex have a brown coat and light patch under its belly and between it’s legs. A male Gobi Ibex is over 3 ft (95-105cm) tall and weighs 150-175pounds (70-80kg).
  • Average trophy size: 34-38” in length; max 42”

Altai Ibex (Capra Ibex Sibirica)

  • Altai Ibex is the larger of two Ibex in Mongolia and is mostly found in the higher Mountain ranges. A male Ibex has a long hair beard. A male Altai Ibex stands at around 3-3.2ft (105 -110cm) tall and weighs up to 280lb (90-110kg).
  • Average trophy size: 37-42” in length; max 45”
  • Hunting season for ibex species: July 15- October 15

Gobi Argali (Ovis ammon darwini)

  • Coming from the name the Gobi Argali resides at the lower central part of the country and also in the south-eastern Gobi Desert region of Mongolia. This species is normally hunted mostly on foot by glassing the small hills and narrow valleys where the rams live in for safe cover and good pasture. The Terrain is easy where these rams are hunted and the population/trophy quality in our areas are considered the best in the country, limited number of permits available in our exclusive areas.
  • Average Gobi Argali size: 46”-50” with 16.5”-18” bases. Max. 52”

Hangai Argali (Ovis ammon ssp)

  • These magnificent  sub-species of Argali is located at Khangay Mountains of central Mongolia and generally higher populated with great trophy quality in Bayankhongor province of Mongolia. Hangai argali is smaller than Ovis ammon ammon and larger than Ovis ammon darwini, more or less in the middle both body and trophy wise.
  • Average Hangay Argali size: 48-52” with 18+” bases.
  • Special note: a Ram between 52’’ up to 55” are of exceptional size and can be found in special occasions and special areas depending on the conditions of the hunt and the area hunted, please consult your outfitter for further details.

High Altai Argali (Ovis ammon ammon)

  • The greatest and biggest of all Argali species in the world!
  • Body length is 4-6.6 ft/172-180 cm, shoulder height is 4 ft/122 cm, a mature adult Ram weights 400-450 lb and sometimes even more. Altai Argali lives in the entire Altai Mountain range of Mongolia, China and Russia.
  • Also known as the rarest Argali in the World due to limited licenses granted, however not limited by population, in fact the highest and healthiest population in the country is of these species.
  • Altai Argali have the heaviest horns of all the sheep in the world, weighing 60 to 75 lbs!
  • Average Altay Argali Size: 56-57” horn size with 19” to 21” bases can be expected and extraordinary trophies reaching 58”-60” in rare occasions may be found depending on the weather/habitat conditions of that particular season and special planning and luck of the hunt.

*Note: We offer extensive pre-scouting and extra guides for hunters seeking exceptional trophies and for those with limited time.  This is on a custom basis as requested by the client.

Rates & terms:

  • Altay Argali– 150,000-USD – premium area hunt- up to 7 day hunt. (Best time is 01-30 July) or (August 01- September 30)
  • Hangay Argali– 105,000-USD – premium area hunt-up to 5 day hunt. (Best time is 01-15 July or 30 August to 30 September)
  • Gobi Argali – 95,000-USD – premium area hunt- up to 5 day hunt. (Best time is 01 July to 15 July or 30 august to 30 September.)
  • Altay Ibex– $15,500 – premium area hunt
  • Gobi Ibex– $15,500 – premium area hunt
  • Mongolian Wapiti– $16,000
  • White-Tailed gazelle – $6,500

For the professional guiding services and travel fees of professional-Guide Temir or Kursat Ekenler per hunting trip: $10,000

Hunt extras can be paid before or after the trip, estimation can be requested from the outfitter.

Our local guiding teams on all of our premium sheep hunts do pre-scouting.

However; Extensive pre-scouting done by the western master-guide of our company is recommended for the High-Altay Argali hunt to ensure outmost success in the shortest time and best trophy quality.

This service will cost: $10,000 for Altay Sheep hunt.

Observer fees per person for each sheep hunting camp: 3,500-USD

Private charter plane hire: Cessna Caravan 208 or King-Air; this can be pre-organized by the outfitter. Please consult with your outfitter beforehand.

Rates include:

Transfers from and to airports by car, transportation throughout the hunt (including all necessary quality 4 x 4 vehicles),
Professional English speaking Guide during the entire hunt,
All meals and drinks, accommodation during the hunting trip.
All organizational fees and Daily hunting rates,
Visa invitation, customs handling, meet- greet services at the airports, gun import permit, area fees & taxes, ground transfers from airport to hotel and airport to hunting areas.
All necessary hunting licenses (vet. Cert), temporary hunting certificate, Trophy preparations in the field and dry salting.

Rates exclude:

Gratuities for all working staff and guides, all trophy exportations and delivery, any hunting travel insurance, hotels before or after the hunting trip in UB, Airline ticket fares, Any Hotel Extras (such as phone calls, room service, laundry etc.) Observer fees, extra species according to license and trophy fees, special imported alcoholic beverages, Excess luggage fees. Rent of satellite phone, domestic air charters or domestic commercial flights, ground transportation from different hunting camps on combination hunts.

Sample itinerary program for argali:

Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar with WH representative/PH and greeted by our Mongolian staff with a private car and Rifle clearance and rest in Shangri-La Hotel first evening.

Altai Argali hunt:

Day 2: Fly to West Altai Region (2,5 hour flight), greeted by local staff (vehicle: Land-cruiser) and directly drive to Base Camp about minimum 2-5 hours maximum depending on area we will be hunting.

Day 3 to 6: Hunt Altay Ram successfully along with Altay ibex if requested because ibex is in the same region. 

Day 7: Fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Spend evening in Shangri-La Hotel. Or directly fly to Hangay Argali or Gobi Argali area from Altay with private charter flight.

Day 8-10: hunt Hangay Argali,

Day 11: drive to Gobi Argali area or fly with private charter to Gobi area.

Normally Hangay area to Gobi area is within 4 to 5 hours driving distance.

Day 12-14: Hunt Gobi Argali.

Day 15-16: have two back-up days for ibex and other hunts.

Day 17: Fly out of UB, return to home.

Note: All 3 Argali’s and ibex can successfully be harvested within 17 days including air travel and ground transportation while during the entire hunting trip Mongolia.