The Ekenler family

The Ekenler Brothers started their CENTRAL ASIAN outfitting hunting operation few years ago due to very high demand from their clients and friends. After many years of extensive researching and countless hours of field work, they managed to partner up with the best operators in CENTRAL ASIA, which in result has created exceptionally high quality hunting trips to be among the finest in CENTRAL ASIA.

Our friends and clients prefer to hunt with us for the following reasons:

  • Instead of dealing with foreign operators or western agents, they book with someone they know well and fully trust.
  • Since most CENTRAL ASIAN countries are Turkic, we have better understanding of their culture (Turks emigrated from Central Asia to Anatolia about thousand years ago)
  • We personally accompany and guide all our hunters on these hunts.
  • We strive to give the same level of service and hunting experience that we provide in Turkey.

Temir & Kürşat EKENLER

Kürşat Ekenler

Kürşat has an agricultures degree from the Royal Agricultural College of Cirencester. Kürşat has been hunting since a very early age and has travelled some parts of the World to hunt with his father and Kürşat very much enjoys mountain hunting and stalking hunts.

Kürşat and Temir have founded WildHunting together and Kürşat is the director of WildHunting and is in charge of all hunting operations. Kürşat acts as a team leader and professional guide during most of the season especially on demanding hunts.

Temir Ekenler

Temir has a Business-Economics degree from the University of Exeter. Temir is the manager in charge of all day to day business affairs of the company. Temir is responsible for all international relations and client/customer reservations and bookings. Temir also loves hunting and passionately hunts on his free times.

Temir is a very good hunting guide and companion and although he guides on a few hunts during the year the trophies his clients harvest are of exceptional quality.